Bulldog Accessories

DOGMAN BELT Same top highquality as our nylon collars this belt is great for long walks and for those hardpulling dogs
120 cm with d-ring 55 USD
140 cm with d-ring 65 USD
160 cm with d-ring 75 USD
180 cm with d-ring 85 USD
extra d-ring +2 USD

Dogman belts are + shipping
Lead for DOGMAN belt have snaps on both ends for fast hook on/off 2 meters lead 14USD/each

TUG OF WARPepsi work out on T.O.W.

This is the strongest tugs you can give your dog and he still have his teeth in shape. Will not damige him but this tug survive longer then any product on the market. Great on flirt work,tug of war even on spring pole if you dont like the hide. Ca 50cm+ handle. 15 Usd each+shipping
We also have a deluxe model on this tug sewed both on lower and upper point also filling aviable.

COWHIDE Raw , 2 nice pices packed in plastic box with instructions USD+Shipping
We also have other sizes of hide in stock.


Looks and work as our known nylon collars but has a unique filling who make the collar heavier around + 1 kg (2 pounds). And is made to use then dog is working,kennel, etc. Makes the neck etc very strong. We started to sell this product in early 94 and many have tried to copy it, but this is the real deal! Dont be left behind order yours today!
ca 1 kg Weight collar 45 USD+ Shipping
ca 2 kg Weight collar 55 USD+Shipping
weight is based on the dogs necksize

Pete Spaks memory belt buckle
Mr. Pete was born Febuari 21st 1901, On 21st of febuari 2001 we release a numbered of max 200 beltbuckles to honour Mr. Pete. Its a unique handcarved leather beltbuckle on steel frame. Logo from Petes magazine Your Friend And Mine on front and also your number of 200. On back text Pete Sparks 21/2 1901 100 years memory buckle, signed by us and year. This buckle will be a collectors iteam for sure! 65 USD

Hickory sticks handmade by us with leather strap a must have 15 USD

Heavy duty spring for the spring pole,cable run etc. 80 SEK

Leather belt with text like, BULLDOG,GAMEDOGS,APBT,kennel name etc up to you! handmade price around 55 USD and up
Leather beltbuckles with hand carved bulldogs in diffrent scenes, match the belts great, perfect gift,show price etc.
55 USD

a sampler of some buckles we made

Sampler of some we done + metalbuckles

Bulldog posters B/W. Limited supplay. Prices dont inc tube mailing.
1. 24 X 50 cm neutral but not affraid as sean in Strattons etc books made by Wallace 1914. 10 USD/ 95 SEK

2. Int. Champ. Convention 1975 Mexico 43 X 33 cm. 12 USD/125 SEK

3. A naughty bull dog causes a ruckus a late 1800 advert from Barkers 19 X 27cm. 5 USD/45 SEK

4. Harpers Weekly Magazine cover 1890 19 X 27 cm. 5 USD

Framed Postcards
1800 reprint postcards framed in a nice wood frame 10 USD/Each Worldwide.

Bulldog wallets,clocks,key holders etc. Email for info