Adress to Hurricane

Hurricane Handmade
Nylon Leads HURRICANE leads are the top of the line

You get a lightweight lead but its still strong and durable for years.

We make any lead you want but our best recognized lead is our nylon lead, Its wide so even if you have a hardpulling dog your hand stay in one piece!.

The snap is solid and will not rust.

You should set a order right now for this great lead as this will keep any HURRICANE under control of his master


Standard long Nylon lead 12 USD/70 SEK In Sweden

City Lead same as above but short 11USD/65 SEK

Control leash, a new lead who work perfect in citys etc there you need to have the dog close by you at times, this lead have two handles one short and one ordinary 16 USD/120 SEK

Lead handle.If you want/need to have your dog close this is the one 11 USD/55 SEK

Free lead Let you dog have freedom but stil under your control, we make any sizes.. 5-100 meters email for prices

2-Dog attachments Allows you to walk 2 dogs at once from the same leash.Prices not inc lead. 17 USD/99 SEK

2 dog lead. A complete lead for 2 dogs basic modell 17 USD/110 SEK

De-luxe 2 dog lead Same as above but with 4 snaps and galvanized o-ring this lead is the only 2 dog leash on the market that will not tangle. 24 USD/210 SEK

All above is made in our 30mm wide nylon mix and a big solid snap. We also cary bull snaps and all others leads you can think of. And as we are leather artists we ofcouse offers you all above and others in leather also. For prices of leather leads and special leads for example hunting,showring mail for prices.