Orders out side Sweden

All prices at the site is in Euro with shipping if not other wise is stated.
For orders outside Europe Us dollars is welcomed but Euros/Sterling pounds is also accepted. If you pay to our account you have to pay in Euros.
For European orders only Euro is accepted all prices at site is in Euros,if mailing cash Sterling pounds is also accepted.

1. The fastest way to set a order is to mail the cash
in a letter to us and we mail back same day collars & leads, special order may take 1 week before shipped off to your destination. Please do not mail 100 Dollar bills as it take 10 days to se if they are OK. To be 100% safe Send the money insured in a letter

2. If you are in need to fast get some of our World known collars PAYPAL is ok

3. You can Worldwide pay to our Bankaccount please send a email and we give you account/info.

If you transfer money over you must email address and order+ amount then you have done the transfer otherwise we cannot track it

4. No personal cheques!

5. Call and come by and get your supplies here.

6. Tell your local supplier to buy from us and then you can buy localy!

If you want to have your order insured the charge is 10 USD extra. All orders leave our stock at your own risk. With your order inc your full name,shipping address,email,phone/fax number. And we want our products to fit properly , then it comes to collars measure the dog or his old collar, if you measure the collar do it there the buckle meets the leather,nylon to the hole you use today, our basic sizes35-45cm/45-55cm/55-65cm.

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280 22 WITTSJO