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At this spot we will have accessories etc

SPOTLIGHTS If you want to have the best and most aggressive lights look no further we have the most powerfull cordless rechargeble, hand held spotlight in the World! 2000000 CP!!!!!!!The beam is more powerful than aircraft landing lights, 30 times brighter than car headlights and will carry over 1 mile. we have used and sell this light over 2 years with great succes. Please email for prices Only for Sweden.
We have absolut the bigest spectrum on hand and gun lamps in this part of Europe.

GUNLIGHTS We have Swedens largest selection of high quality gun lights, 6 and 12 Volts for more info call or email.

TASCO SCOPES We have scopes from airgun to big game at good prices more info soon or email.

TASCO BINOCULARS 8 X 21 to 15 X 50 hand binoculars, but we also have Spotting scopes more info soon or email.

NIGHTVISION For joy or pro work we even have battle tested stuff, if you curious what people do in the dark this is the stuff to se it clear like day light. More info soon or email.

GAME & CARTRIDGE BAGS up to 100 sheels capacity more info soon or email.

FERRET & TERRIER FINDERS We have use and sell this product for years and are a very handy device to track earthwork very precise 1450 SEK for the terrier set.
We have all replacement stuff for this product like batterycaps,extra collars or tracking box,cases,batteries etc.

PURSE AND FOX NETS on request.

Forewords on Training colors , Those who are not familiar with the advantages of this type of instrument may be negatively influenced by the name electronic colors. This would result in the wrong conclusions being drawn, just consider the fact that electronics have become part of our everyday life and that electronic instruments are used every day both at work and during free time activities. Any dog owner with some degree of dog sense can use our training kits without difficulty and even the most difficult animal can be trained by following some very simple and basic guidelines. Thanks to our kits many former problem dogs have a rich and good life. All our kits come with a handbook, instructions etc.
A Pro Electronic dog training system, for pro training & problem dogs witch can not only embarrass the owner but also cause trouble and endanger the general public. No visible antenna on collar,ultrasound + impulse function! useful since it combines the use of ultrasound waves with a warning signal. And future on you can turn off the impulse and only use the sound to graduly learn the dog and finaly remove the collar. This new model you can train two dogs at same time ( Note an optional second receiver collar is needed to train two dogs at the same time). Lcd display transmitter Works up to 800 meters 5000 SEK.

Simple affordable and robust electronic collar. Works up to 200 meters on flat ground. This kit also have sound & impulse 2500 SEK

Do you dog have a serious barking problem and you tried everything this is the way!. Operate like this.. When the dog barks, the color emits a series of six sound beeps. If another bark is detected within 30 secounds it emits a 2 secound sound beep and a electrial impulse (selected by the user) No further impulses are imitted if no barking is detected for 30 secounds. The impulse emission function can be disabled and used to emit sound beeps only. This is the most hi tech and fair bark collar on the market . Use a 3 V battery easy to change and hold 1 year if it operates 10 times a day. 1500 SEK.

ACME CALLS We have em all from crow to elephants email for info.

VARI KENNELS The best platic dog cage to be had, to keep your dogs safe in airplanes,car,home, etc etc we have all sizes no shipping pick up only call for prices.

Lots of more will update soon if you need any other stuff let us now and we help out in anyway we can. MAIL US