The Patterdale Terrier Standard

This standard has been graciously furnished by Mr. Brian Nuttall, exactly the way he sent them ("passages quoted").

The Patterdale is a working terrier, bred originally to go to ground and kill or bolt vermin, this requires a small active, game terrier, and must be judged as such.

general appearance: A sturdy, tough, active little terrier, not too big in the chest as a working terrier has to be capable of squeezing through very small passages under ground to follow their quarry. ("A big terrier can also cut off their own air supply.")

Measuring between 11" and 15" at the withers ("I try to keep mine between 11" and 13", I have not a dog over 13" in my kennel.") Should present a compact balanced image, with straight legs.

Weights between 10 and 17 pounds, as this terrier always weighs more than it looks.

head: Head and muzzle should be strong and powerful. Scars received working quarry should not prejudice a dog's chance of winning shows.

ears: Ears should be of moderate size, not too big nor too small, and folded to the sides of the cheek.

mouth: Strong teeth, level mouth, teeth broken or incisors lost while working should not prejudice a dogs winning a show.

neck: Of moderate length, strong and muscular. A strong neck helps as much as a strong jaw in killing vermin.

coat: Smooth to broken coated. Smooth coated dogs should have a dense coat, not fine like a whippet. A good coat is important to protect them against the wet underground also briars. ("I have dug several bad coated terriers out dead, that have worked till they have gone into shock in the cold, wet, earth".)

tail: Set high, length in proportion to the body, usually about 5 to 7 inches long. ("The tail is sometimes the only thing to pull a terrier out of an earth when you have dug down to him. I dock mine by removing one-third of the tail.")

color: black, red, liver (with a red nose), grizzle, black and tan, bronze (chocolate). 95% of the breed will be black colored but the odd dog of all colors will come with white feet and chest. ("Some of the best ones of the breed are marked like this.")

body: Giving an active appearance, not too big in the chest--capable of being spanned behind the shoulders by average size hands. The back should be strong, straight, and in comparison to the height ; not too long, but not too short as in some fox terriers. Too short a back in proportion to height makes them awkward underground.
male terriers should have both testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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