ROAD KING 5 buckle harness This harness is called ROADKING SUPER DE-LUXE its a 2 ply harness on all items, 5 buckles to fit like a glove on your dog. No rivets on the chestplate for your dogs comfort on the really long walks. The straps is 2.5cm wide and 2 ply heavyduty leather and everything HANDSEWED! Price start at 280 USD , outside Sweden full postige will be added Come back soon for more info.

KEEP KING 5 buckle harnessKEEPKING SUPER DE-LUXE is the name on this harness, it carry same as above but also have a extra d-ring under the dog for easier drag/pulling. Its no wh-pulling harness! this harness is made for walks and drag . Ofcouse also great for protection work. Price ca 290 USD. And just looks better after each year you use it!.KEEP KING 5 buckle harness

Prices is based on size and options so call or email before sending your order. Ofcouse all harnesses is hand stiched no machine on any product we cut all items for hand absolut not any punching machine. Its made by hands all the way not one product looks exactly the same. Independet products for independet people who valuer quality first in dogs and gear.

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If you want a budget priced harness we can make one ply leather harness at ca 50 USD. But we highly recomend the 2 ply ones.
We will soon have pictures and info on our Wp-harness in Nylon.